Results can only be achieved when you have the right trainer on your side. The knowledge, expertise, patience and dedication that Ned provides is second to none. His ability to make you realize your goals in a safe, effective and efficient manner is the edge that Ned has over any trainer I’ve trained with in the past. Those who want results for their efforts should settle for nothing else. Knowledge is gold. Thanks Ned.
– Dr. Christian Perez, DMM, L.H.P., R.M.T.P, Dipl.S.T.

Ned has made me realize that anyone can change their body image with hard work and dedication.
– Lali Shankar, Physician

Phenomenal body changes have occurred. He is unbelievable at getting you to go the extra mile where the results come from.
– Paul Fillipe, Marketing

I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable and committed trainer than Ned. He takes a real interest in his clients’ progress no matter what their goals and fitness levels are. For me, he has been an excellent source for nutritional and training tips, advice and motivation to stay on track.
– Maryann Prychoda, Communications Consultant

I’ve been training for 6 months. The results are fantastic. He has a great command of exercise concepts and theory and a talent for explaining.
– Bob Harwood, On Air Host – Leafs T.V.